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There are currently five ground breaking active studies under the umbrella of the ACT4TB/HIV collaboration. The study information can be found here.

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Our collaborators bring a multitude of experience and influence to the ACT4TB/HIV collaboration. Their contributions to the collaboration and their biographies can be found here.

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The full range of state-of-the-art facilities to be used by the collaboration to conduct research can be found here.

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Why Are We Needed

South Africa has one of the world’s worst TB epidemics driven by HIV. Among the 22 countries with the highest burden of TB, SA has the highest estimated incidence and prevalence of TB, the second highest number of diagnosed multidrug-resistant TB cases, and the largest number of HIV-associated TB cases. South Africa has the largest absolute number of HIV-infected individuals in the world.

What We Do

All collaborators have demonstrated the ability to conduct the following types of research, either independently or with collaborators: i) observational research cross-sectional and cohort studies; ii) interventional studies; iii) individually-randomised clinical trials; iv) cluster-randomised clinical and interventional trials; v) qualitative and behavioural research studies; vi) economic evaluations; vii) laboratory-based studies; and viii) modelling studies.

Our Impact

Our approach in the ACT4TB/HIV collaboration reflects a general strategy of creating public health benefits by accelerating translational research through a trials network. Clinical trial and interventional research networks offer the promise that a coordinated research effort targeting critical national health problems can be mounted in such a way as to have a high likelihood of affecting health policy, health care delivery, and patient outcomes.



 A South African MRC funded collaboration