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Dr Jeannine Du Bois – Investigator

Dr Jeannine Du Bois
– Investigator

Dr Du Bois trained as a medical doctor in Cape Town, South Africa and finished her studies in 1997. She commenced her compulsory training as an Intern in a public hospital in 1997, where after she continued her career as a MD in a public hospital. Working in a public hospital puts you in contact with the reality of the poverty of the community and the struggle to access medical care and treatment. This is where her interest started to become involved in improving circumstances for patients and she continued her studies in epidemiology and statistics. Here she was introduced to studies, trials, data collection and reporting. She started her career in clinical trials in July 2006 conducting trials in various therapeutic areas, including metabolic, cardiovascular, rheumatology, infective diseases and neurology. Dr Du Bois developed a special interest for early phase studies (Phases I and II).

After 4 years of trial experience and being a Principal Investigator on more than 30 trials, she started working for TASK, where she was involved in early phase trials for anti-tuberculosis drug research. Together, they performed work for various groups from the USA and Europe. The unit is a specialized 24 bed unit where in- and outpatient trials can be conducted. They however specialized in phase I and II trials involving pharmacokinetic sampling and inpatient procedures.

Dr Du Bois joined The Aurum Institute in September 2017 as a senior project manager, managing an international, multicenter clinical trial looking at a more effective prophylactic regime for household contacts of index cases with multidrug resistant TB.

She is skilled in the following:

  • Regulatory affairs related to clinical trials. This involves obtaining approvals from our regulatory and ethics boards and maintaining regulatory affairs ongoing during the conduction of the trial.
  • Setting up of a clinical trial including writing the protocol and informed consents, arranging the laboratories, investigational product etc.
  • Site preparation and training to conduct clinical trials.
  • Dispensing of investigational product including the preparation of intravenous and oral preparations (dispensing license).

She wants to continue her career in the research for a new safer, more effective and shortened regime for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.