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About Us

The ACT collaboration brings together a cross-disciplinary consortium of TB and HIV experts with complimentary interests and skills to do transformative and translational TB and HIV research that will advance understanding, contribute to developing new tools and interventions to improve patient, programme and population relevant outcomes and build capacity of early stage investigators. Our mathematical modelling suggests that South Africa may achieve WHO targets for TB incidence and mortality by 2025 using existing tools.

The ACT for TB/HIV collaboration will consist of an administrative core (PI, Finances, and Operations), a Scientific Leadership (SL) body, and Clinical Research Centres (CRC) (see figure below). The Operations team will provide administrative and managerial support. The Finance team will be responsible for grants management. The PI, SL, and CRC members will meet at least regularly to plan and review the collaboration’s research activities. CRCs will be responsible for conducting trials, and for collaborating with specific members of the SL to address specific research questions.